How to identify your breed:
The Pig Site is a good resource for more information about pig breeds: The Pig Site
For further information and assistance on pig breeding, please contact us and our field officers will be of great assistance.
How to build the best housing for pigs:
Pig housing plays a great role on the survival of the young ones and hygiene. Our field officers help farmers meet humane housing for pigs.
How to source for the best feed:
Quality, affordable feed is a challenge. Contact us on how to develop/acquire quality feed.
How to reduce Litter mortality:
With well trained field officers, we will guide you on how to reduce the mortality rate of your pig stock.
How to acquired market for your pigs:
Pork Delights Limited offers guidance on how to access local and regional markets for ready market pigs.
How to source AI (Artificial Insemination) for your pigs:
Contact Pork Delights Limited for any AI (Artificial Insemination) services for any breed in your farm.

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